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Why is everyone today choosing ayurveda over the modern drugs? If modern drugs are so much capable, why are the scientists trying to research and prove the healing abilities of various herbs? How can such an ancient science like ayurveda survive despite blind faith on modern drugs? You must be interested in herbal medicines, but there are chances that you aren’t sure of the reason. Yes, the side effects of modern drugs are one of the biggest reasons for decrease in its demand and increasing interest in ayurveda and other herbal cures. But, this is not the only factor affecting the choice of the smart people today. There are a lot more creating repulsion for modern medicine. We will today try to compare the two medicinal sciences. Although their ultimate aim is to help humans live a better life by treating diseases, there is a huge difference between both.  Critically thinking about modern drugs vs. ayurveda, you will also be able to differentiate between the ultimate goals of the two.

  • Holistic healing:  By holistic healing, we mean a complete healing of human body, brain as well as soul. One disease sends its impact to the entire body including your mind. To undo the impact and heal completely, holistic healing is the way out. Modern drugs vs. ayurveda can be distinguished easily by this concept. Ayurveda offers holistic healing by calming down your mind and fixing whatever wrong the disease has done in the entire body. On the other hand, modern drugs only alleviate the symptoms of the disease. This is more of a superficial healing.1404721117121
  • Curing the problem:  Ayurvedic medicines are known to cure the disease while modern drugs only mask the symptoms. Curing means treating the problem and its adverse effects from the root. Treating the symptoms is not same as curing the problem. And the biggest argument in the discussion about modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines is that one cures the problem while the other one only treats the symptoms.
  • Side effects:  The ill effects of moderns drugs are well known to the entire world and ayurvedic medicines are famous for exactly the opposite. Yes, ayurvedic medicines are entirely based on natural products and nature’s power of healing and hence are free from side effects. On contrary to this, modern medicines are full of side effects. Some of them are temporary and others are permanent. Some are reversible and others are irreversible but modern medicines are full of ill effects. So, if you choose ayurvedic medicines, you are choosing side effect free science.drug-abuse-causes-effects-solutions
  • Cost effective:  Ayurveda is cost effective because it prepares your body to fight with diseases. Rather than making you weak and prone to diseases, it prepares you for a healthy future. If you stay healthy, you will need less of medicines and hence you will end up saving not only your health, but also your hard earned money.
  • Health enhancing:  Your health receives the maximum benefit from ayurvedic medicines. Modern drugs have an adverse impact on your overall health as well as your immune system. Your health is something you should preserve and this can be done only when you take help from health enhancing ayurvedic medicines.
  • Impact on immunity:  Your immune system is what helps you stay healthy and disease free. You can kick away all the invaders without getting ill with a strong immune system. However, with a weak immune system, you will get ill less frequently. Modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines is an ages old discussion and the positive impact of ayurveda on immunity clearly declare the science as a winner out of the two.
  • Allopathic drugs are based on chemicals and artificially synthesized drugs. On the other hand, ayurveda is based on natural products and herbs. This creates a huge difference in the mechanism of action and future results.alcohol-and-immunity-700_0
  • How human body responds: Human body better accepts natural ingredients and hence ayurvedic medicines readily are digested in human body. On the other hand, modern drugs also since are loaded with chemicals, finds it difficult to assimilate in human body.
  • The ultimate aim of allopathic drugs is to give instant but temporary relief while the main goal of ayurvedic medicines is to provide you with a healthy body. One science prepares you for a better future while the other one aims at proving temporary relief.
  • Modern drugs are extensively advertised. There is an entire channel promoting the use of these medicines. Doctors also prescribe more and more medicines. But, in case of ayurveda, it is just the opposite. Only the effectiveness of the medicinal system is its selling point and it is not advertised in the right manner. Despite lack of promotion, ayurvedic medicines have survived since centuries. Even today, more and more people are buying ayurvedic medicines just because of its effectiveness.

58c7df0d3ddcaThese were not one or two, but 10 aspects on the basis of which one can draw clear comparison between the two healing sciences- modern medicines vs. ayurvedic medicines. Do you even feel like calling the former a healing science? Yes, allopathic drugs can be used as an emergency medicine when the possible side effects are less harmful than the disease itself. But in rest of the cases, ayurvedic medicines are the clear winner. Ayurveda is the science of life and it is a science for life. you can lead a much better, healthier and longer life with ayurvedic medicines. Although we have compared the two, but now, you would also agree they are incomparable. Modern drugs vs. ayurveda lead us to a conclusion that they are polls apart and there is no doubt about choosing one over the other. This has leaded us to the rise in demand of ayurvedic medicines. Those who care about their health and lives are moving towards ayurveda.

It is a great movement considering the improvement in health that can be achieved with this. You can not only beat all the diseases if you choose ayurveda between modern drugs vs. ayurveda, but, you will also be able to improve your health to such a level that diseases won’t be able to create much trouble. At this level of fitness and health, your body will be able to fight with most of diseases and invaders on its own. You will need lesser of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies are least interested in taking your health at this stage because their entire business will get affected by this. Yes, there were many reports regarding this, and now, even the credibility of the largest authorizing agency- Food and Drug Administration is doubted. It is said to unnecessarily please the pharma companies rather that keeping in mind the concern of human health.

difference-between-ayurveda-and-modern-medicine-339087z3l35kc6vpplz8qoSo, when it is about your health, you cannot trust anyone, not even us. We leave the entire decision on you as it is your body and ultimately your life is going to be affected by this. But, in case you choose ayurvedic medicines from modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines, we have an easy bridge between you and the ancient science of healing. There is an ayurvedic company in Delhi that provides everything that’s required for you to start using ayurveda. You can talk straight to the team of ayurvedic doctors for free over a phone call. Yes, getting one of the best ayurvedic doctor’s consultations is that easy now. Also, you can get the ayurvedic medicine you want at home without paying anything for the delivery by calling paramanand ayurveda. Isn’t it great? Yes, this is unbelievable, but the magical effects you are going to see in your body will surprise you even more. So, just take help from this ayurvedic company and start a new life with ayurvedic medicines.

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