smoking is harmful

How Smoking And Drinking Affects Your Healthy Life ?

Despite knowing the fact that smoking and drinking is an extremely health injurious habits most of the people don’t mind doing them. They don’t even think that making habit of theses poisonous things can destroy their life and health. The habit of smoking generally influences lungs and breathing airways whereas smoking generally influences liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas and other digestive organs. By doing resmoking killsgular smoking and drinking affects your overall health intensively as well as above mentioned organs become very prone to numerous kinds of condition. Some of those could be life threatening such as cancer. You may get lung cancer and throat cancer by smoking and drinking may lead to the failure of kidney and heart. Any kinds of smoking whether it is very mild, moderate or intensive could be the reason of numerous health conditions. Smoking influences your blood pressure to be raised and it can also cause high cholesterol level which has a bad influence on our heart. It increases the risk of heart related disease and even heart attack can be caused by the high cholesterol level.

You need to understand that our body is not made for consuming these kinds of stuffs such as smoking and drinking. Our body simply can’t tolerate any kinds of smoking or alcohol consumption. So, when you smoke a lot or consume alcohol our body parts tend to decrease their functions and slowly become prone to numerous kinds of infection and diseases. Smoking can cause fatal diseases like pneumonia, emphysema, lungs cancer and brain stroke. Smoking Affects the HealthIt is a true fact that smoking affects your brain badly and reduces the oxygen supply to the brain. The biggest problem with smoking is that you may get premature aging with wrinkles. Smoking also influences the blood circulation of our body by making your blood thicker. A thicker blood increases the risk of the formation of blood clotting. Drinking extensive amount of alcohol can lead to the numerous digestive conditions by weakening your digestive system. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to the issues such as gum disease, teeth decay, ulcer, acid reflux and heart burn. These are the very common problem that occurs by the heavy alcohol. Experts believe that heavy alcohol consumption can lead weaken immune system. Long term use of heavy alcohol can lead to the emergence of high blood pressure as well as it badly influences your central nervous system. If you are a female and drinking excessive amount of alcohol then you might develop breast cancer. It can also lead to the many sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation and numerous kinds of Sexual transmitted diseases.

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