Get rid of kidney Stone Ayurvedically with Neeri


Stones in the kidney urinary bladder and ureter. Detailed anatomy illustration of the kidney cross section and urinary bladder cross section

The kidneys perform a very important task in removing waste products and excess fluids from the body through urine. A healthy kidney means a healthy body. But, unfortunately the modern lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are playing an important role in increasing the problems related to the kidneys day by day. One of the most common illness that most of the people face in present days is urinary calculi i.e. kidney stones. It develops when the kidneys get unable to process and to throw the waste products outside our body. This problem is not limited to the adults only. It can also happen in kids less than the age of 4 – 5 years. Now, you might be thinking about its treatment. Well, like many other diseases there are many medicines which can cure this problem and via this article, I will tell you about that. Generally, we prefer conventional medicines, syrups or dialysis. But what we get after spending lot of money on these treatments except disappointment?  Our problem remains same, even after taking all the medicines on time and following the exact schedule recommended by the physician. So, what is the solution? What we have to follow? What can we do to get rid of this problem? Don’t worry I have a very effective solution for this problem and i.e. Neeri syrup. It is a very popular Ayurvedic medicine which is used in mainly used to cure kidney related problems.


Neeri Syrup is a wonderful medicine for the treatment of kidney related problems. This medicine is available in the form of syrup as well as tablets. It is prepared by combining several natural herbs like purified asphaltum, Shwet parpati, piper cubeba, rock salt, gokshru, parmelia periata, crataeva nurvala, etc. All these herbs make it very effective to cure any type of kidney disorders. It enhances the energy and immunity to fight against the diseases. This medicine also helps in increasing the urine output and the flow of blood in the kidneys. Neeri Syrup protects the kidney from nephrotoxic agents. It helps in the spontaneous passage of calculi. This Ayurvedic medicine is very helpful in maintaining the proper functioning of kidneys. Not only this, Neeri Syrup is also very useful in the treatment of dysuria, burning micturition, non-specific urinary tract infection, crystal Luria and other urinary disorders. It also helps in improving the overall immunity of the body. The strong antibacterial and anti – viral properties of this medicine help the body in fighting against the bacterial and viral infections. This all about Neeri syrup’s benefits and uses. Now, it’s time to talk about the dosage part of this medicine.



You can take 2 teaspoon of Neeri KFT syrup three times in a day or as directed by the physician. This medicine is also safe for children. You can give 1 teaspoon of Neeri KFT Three times in a day to the children above the age of 3 years.

Kidney stone is a very common health condition that can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can consume any medicine to cure stones. Neeri is one of the best and effective medicines for kidney stones and there are many people who said that this is the best medicine which they have used to cure stones. So, if you are suffering from this health condition, there is nothing better than this. But, for better results you must use this medicine at least for 6 months regularly. After consuming this medicine on a correct timing and in a correct way you will see the change in your condition.

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