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Why is everyone today choosing ayurveda over the modern drugs? If modern drugs are so much capable, why are the scientists trying to research and prove the healing abilities of various herbs? How can such an ancient science like ayurveda survive despite blind faith on modern drugs? You must be interested in herbal medicines, but there are chances that you aren’t sure of the reason. Yes, the side effects of modern drugs are one of the biggest reasons for decrease in its demand and increasing interest in ayurveda and other herbal cures. But, this is not the only factor affecting the choice of the smart people today. There are a lot more creating repulsion for modern medicine. We will today try to compare the two medicinal sciences. Although their ultimate aim is to help humans live a better life by treating diseases, there is a huge difference between both.  Critically thinking about modern drugs vs. ayurveda, you will also be able to differentiate between the ultimate goals of the two.

  • Holistic healing:  By holistic healing, we mean a complete healing of human body, brain as well as soul. One disease sends its impact to the entire body including your mind. To undo the impact and heal completely, holistic healing is the way out. Modern drugs vs. ayurveda can be distinguished easily by this concept. Ayurveda offers holistic healing by calming down your mind and fixing whatever wrong the disease has done in the entire body. On the other hand, modern drugs only alleviate the symptoms of the disease. This is more of a superficial healing.1404721117121
  • Curing the problem:  Ayurvedic medicines are known to cure the disease while modern drugs only mask the symptoms. Curing means treating the problem and its adverse effects from the root. Treating the symptoms is not same as curing the problem. And the biggest argument in the discussion about modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines is that one cures the problem while the other one only treats the symptoms.
  • Side effects:  The ill effects of moderns drugs are well known to the entire world and ayurvedic medicines are famous for exactly the opposite. Yes, ayurvedic medicines are entirely based on natural products and nature’s power of healing and hence are free from side effects. On contrary to this, modern medicines are full of side effects. Some of them are temporary and others are permanent. Some are reversible and others are irreversible but modern medicines are full of ill effects. So, if you choose ayurvedic medicines, you are choosing side effect free science.drug-abuse-causes-effects-solutions
  • Cost effective:  Ayurveda is cost effective because it prepares your body to fight with diseases. Rather than making you weak and prone to diseases, it prepares you for a healthy future. If you stay healthy, you will need less of medicines and hence you will end up saving not only your health, but also your hard earned money.
  • Health enhancing:  Your health receives the maximum benefit from ayurvedic medicines. Modern drugs have an adverse impact on your overall health as well as your immune system. Your health is something you should preserve and this can be done only when you take help from health enhancing ayurvedic medicines.
  • Impact on immunity:  Your immune system is what helps you stay healthy and disease free. You can kick away all the invaders without getting ill with a strong immune system. However, with a weak immune system, you will get ill less frequently. Modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines is an ages old discussion and the positive impact of ayurveda on immunity clearly declare the science as a winner out of the two.
  • Allopathic drugs are based on chemicals and artificially synthesized drugs. On the other hand, ayurveda is based on natural products and herbs. This creates a huge difference in the mechanism of action and future results.alcohol-and-immunity-700_0
  • How human body responds: Human body better accepts natural ingredients and hence ayurvedic medicines readily are digested in human body. On the other hand, modern drugs also since are loaded with chemicals, finds it difficult to assimilate in human body.
  • The ultimate aim of allopathic drugs is to give instant but temporary relief while the main goal of ayurvedic medicines is to provide you with a healthy body. One science prepares you for a better future while the other one aims at proving temporary relief.
  • Modern drugs are extensively advertised. There is an entire channel promoting the use of these medicines. Doctors also prescribe more and more medicines. But, in case of ayurveda, it is just the opposite. Only the effectiveness of the medicinal system is its selling point and it is not advertised in the right manner. Despite lack of promotion, ayurvedic medicines have survived since centuries. Even today, more and more people are buying ayurvedic medicines just because of its effectiveness.

58c7df0d3ddcaThese were not one or two, but 10 aspects on the basis of which one can draw clear comparison between the two healing sciences- modern medicines vs. ayurvedic medicines. Do you even feel like calling the former a healing science? Yes, allopathic drugs can be used as an emergency medicine when the possible side effects are less harmful than the disease itself. But in rest of the cases, ayurvedic medicines are the clear winner. Ayurveda is the science of life and it is a science for life. you can lead a much better, healthier and longer life with ayurvedic medicines. Although we have compared the two, but now, you would also agree they are incomparable. Modern drugs vs. ayurveda lead us to a conclusion that they are polls apart and there is no doubt about choosing one over the other. This has leaded us to the rise in demand of ayurvedic medicines. Those who care about their health and lives are moving towards ayurveda.

It is a great movement considering the improvement in health that can be achieved with this. You can not only beat all the diseases if you choose ayurveda between modern drugs vs. ayurveda, but, you will also be able to improve your health to such a level that diseases won’t be able to create much trouble. At this level of fitness and health, your body will be able to fight with most of diseases and invaders on its own. You will need lesser of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies are least interested in taking your health at this stage because their entire business will get affected by this. Yes, there were many reports regarding this, and now, even the credibility of the largest authorizing agency- Food and Drug Administration is doubted. It is said to unnecessarily please the pharma companies rather that keeping in mind the concern of human health.

difference-between-ayurveda-and-modern-medicine-339087z3l35kc6vpplz8qoSo, when it is about your health, you cannot trust anyone, not even us. We leave the entire decision on you as it is your body and ultimately your life is going to be affected by this. But, in case you choose ayurvedic medicines from modern medicine vs. ayurvedic medicines, we have an easy bridge between you and the ancient science of healing. There is an ayurvedic company in Delhi that provides everything that’s required for you to start using ayurveda. You can talk straight to the team of ayurvedic doctors for free over a phone call. Yes, getting one of the best ayurvedic doctor’s consultations is that easy now. Also, you can get the ayurvedic medicine you want at home without paying anything for the delivery by calling paramanand ayurveda. Isn’t it great? Yes, this is unbelievable, but the magical effects you are going to see in your body will surprise you even more. So, just take help from this ayurvedic company and start a new life with ayurvedic medicines.


Get rid of kidney Stone Ayurvedically with Neeri


Stones in the kidney urinary bladder and ureter. Detailed anatomy illustration of the kidney cross section and urinary bladder cross section

The kidneys perform a very important task in removing waste products and excess fluids from the body through urine. A healthy kidney means a healthy body. But, unfortunately the modern lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are playing an important role in increasing the problems related to the kidneys day by day. One of the most common illness that most of the people face in present days is urinary calculi i.e. kidney stones. It develops when the kidneys get unable to process and to throw the waste products outside our body. This problem is not limited to the adults only. It can also happen in kids less than the age of 4 – 5 years. Now, you might be thinking about its treatment. Well, like many other diseases there are many medicines which can cure this problem and via this article, I will tell you about that. Generally, we prefer conventional medicines, syrups or dialysis. But what we get after spending lot of money on these treatments except disappointment?  Our problem remains same, even after taking all the medicines on time and following the exact schedule recommended by the physician. So, what is the solution? What we have to follow? What can we do to get rid of this problem? Don’t worry I have a very effective solution for this problem and i.e. Neeri syrup. It is a very popular Ayurvedic medicine which is used in mainly used to cure kidney related problems.


Neeri Syrup is a wonderful medicine for the treatment of kidney related problems. This medicine is available in the form of syrup as well as tablets. It is prepared by combining several natural herbs like purified asphaltum, Shwet parpati, piper cubeba, rock salt, gokshru, parmelia periata, crataeva nurvala, etc. All these herbs make it very effective to cure any type of kidney disorders. It enhances the energy and immunity to fight against the diseases. This medicine also helps in increasing the urine output and the flow of blood in the kidneys. Neeri Syrup protects the kidney from nephrotoxic agents. It helps in the spontaneous passage of calculi. This Ayurvedic medicine is very helpful in maintaining the proper functioning of kidneys. Not only this, Neeri Syrup is also very useful in the treatment of dysuria, burning micturition, non-specific urinary tract infection, crystal Luria and other urinary disorders. It also helps in improving the overall immunity of the body. The strong antibacterial and anti – viral properties of this medicine help the body in fighting against the bacterial and viral infections. This all about Neeri syrup’s benefits and uses. Now, it’s time to talk about the dosage part of this medicine.



You can take 2 teaspoon of Neeri KFT syrup three times in a day or as directed by the physician. This medicine is also safe for children. You can give 1 teaspoon of Neeri KFT Three times in a day to the children above the age of 3 years.

Kidney stone is a very common health condition that can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can consume any medicine to cure stones. Neeri is one of the best and effective medicines for kidney stones and there are many people who said that this is the best medicine which they have used to cure stones. So, if you are suffering from this health condition, there is nothing better than this. But, for better results you must use this medicine at least for 6 months regularly. After consuming this medicine on a correct timing and in a correct way you will see the change in your condition.


Treat your diseases related to vata doshas with Swarna Bhasma

doshasHave you ever heard about vata doshas? If no, this is the article which you should visit. Via this article, you will gain knowledge about some of the vata doshas and the medicine which can cure those doshas. According to studies, vata doshas are characterized by using up too much energy or resources. Vata means “wind” but it is defined by an imbalance of dry, light, cold and rough. The diseases which are called vata doshas are- chronic bronchitis, cough, asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis.

If you are suffering any of the diseases, you can use swarna bhasma. Yes, swarna bhasma is one of the best medicines which can cure these types of diseases easily. By the end of this article you will understand how you can treat your diseases related to vata doshas with swarna bhasma. So, let’s see how swarna bhasma is helpful in the treatment of vata doshas?

Swarna Bhasma for Vata doshas

Swarna bhasma is the best medicine which can cure many diseases and why it is so, you can read ahead. Before telling you about the benefits of using swarna bhasma for vata doshas, let’s see some points about the diseases which are related to vata doshas.

Bronchitis, Illustration1. Chronic bronchitis -: Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the airways that carry air to your lungs. Due to this disease you can experience shortness of breath, wheezing, and a low fever. There are two main types of bronchitis acute and chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis a one type of COPD. Chronic bronchitis is defined as a cough that occurs every day with sputum production that lasts for at least 3 months to 2 years.

2. Cough -: A cough is common reflex action that clears the throat of the mucus. Although, coughing can be annoying but, helps your body to heal or protect itself. Cough can be both acute and chronic.

cough3. Asthma -:  Asthma is the chronic condition which affects your airways. Our airways are the tube which carries air in and out of our lungs. If you have asthma, inside walls of your airways become swollen and sore.

4. Allergic rhinitis -:  This condition is identified by the inflammation inside of the nose which is generally caused by an allergen, pollen, dust, etc. these are the conditions which are caused by vata doshas.

If you have any or you know anyone who is suffering from any of these diseases, tell that person to use swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma for vata doshas is the best medicine. This is the medicine which has lots of potent medicinal properties because of which this medicine works so well.

swarna-bhasma1Swarna bhasma for vata doshas is the safest treatment because this is an ayurvedic medicine has the ability to cure various types of diseases. Swarna bhasma is the medicine which has been used to cure diseases since ancient times. You can buy this medicine in a powder form.

Swarna bhasma is made of powdered of gold. Apart from vata, doshas this medicine can be used to cure various diseases such as cardiac disorders, infertility, poisoning and respiratory diseases.  In Ayurveda, swarna bhasmas is considered elixir. I have already mentioned that this is the best medicine and due to its medicinal properties, it works so well. So, here are the medicinal properties of swarna bhasma.

Medicinal Properties

  • Alternativegood-health
  • Antitoxin
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Nootropic
  • Nervine tonic
  • Neuroprotective
  • Cardiac tonic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-tubercles
  • General Tonic

These are the medicinal properties of this medicine and this is the reason that I have suggested you use swarna bhasma for vata doshas. This medicine is not only effective in the treatment of vata doshas, in fact you can use this cure many various types of diseases. This medicine will not cause any kind of side effect until/unless you consume the overdoses of this medicine.


dosage-of-medicineIt will be great if you consume this medicine as per your condition. So, consult with your doctor before you start taking this medicine. You should not consume this medicine more than 125mg in a day. You can consume this medicine along with honey.

Swarna bhasma for vata doshas is the ultimate cure and this can cure diseases easily. So, use this ayurvedic medicine because life with Ayurveda can make your life disease free.

Buy swarna bhasma online at affordable price and in best quality.


Ichhabhedi Ras (Jaypal Yukta) for Constipation and Bloating

We all have to face stomach related problems continuously, especially in summers. For this, we try so many different ways and conventional medicines to get relief from that digestion and stomach related problems. But what we get? After some time we have to face the same problem again and again. Now I want to ask a question.  Have you ever thought why your problem comes back again and again?

stomach-issues2This is because of the conventional medicine, we used, only treats the symptoms of the problem, not the cause of the problem. Now the question is, what is the alternative for these medicines? What can we use in place of these medicines? So, the answer for your all question is Nature. Yes, nature is a better way to deal with all the health-related issues. There is no medicine, no treatment is available that is better than the natural cure.

That is why; today I am here to talk about one of the most beneficial Ayurvedic medicine named as Ichhabhedi Ras. It is a wonderful and most amazing Ayurvedic medicine that can solve your all stomach and digestion related issues. Ichhabhedi Ras is very useful in the treatment of ascites, constipation and bloating as well. To know more about the benefits and uses of Ichhabhedi Ras, read this article to the end. Now without taking your so much time, let me start to discuss about the benefits and uses of Ichhabhedi Ras.

ichhabhedi-ras2Ichhabhedi Ras is a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine that comes in tablet form. It is made up of using different natural herbs like shunti, black pepper, shuddha parade, shuddha gandhaka, tankana bhasma, and shuddha jayapala. All these natural ingredients are very effective for the treatment of all digestion related problems.

This medicine is very useful for the treatment of ascites, constipation, acidity, bloating, heartburn, etc. It helps in soothing the digestive tract and maintains a proper balance of fluids and digestive juices in the stomach. Ichhabhedi Ras also used to induce purgation. This medicine is a wonderful solution for the constipation problem. It maintains the proper bowel movements and helps in getting relief from the constipation problem. This medicine also helps in improving the digestion process as well as bloating and acidity. Ichhabhedhi Ras is very beneficial for liver and kidney also. It helps in detoxifying the body as well as improving the liver function. Now let me tell you the way of consuming this medicine to get its maximum benefits.

How to use Ichhabhedi Ras for Constipation and Bloating?

dosage4The patients can take 250 mg before or after food with cold water or as directed by the physician. Till the time patient drinks cold water, there will be purgation. The patients are advised to take rice with buttermilk after taking this medicine. An overdose of this medicine may cause severe poisonous effect and diarrhea. Do not use Ichhabhedi Ras during pregnancy and keep this medicine out of reach of children.


Diabetes treatment

BGR-34- the perfect ayurvedic cure for Diabetes

BGR-34 is not an allopathic drug but a natural and ayurvedic medicine which is available in tablet form. CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-CIMAP, two popular laboratory councils of scientific and industrial research have jointly developed this anti-diabetic medicine named as BGR-34. The Indian government has also recently approved BGR-34 as an anti-diabetic medicine. This is a perfect and effective ayurvedic cure for diabetes. We will talk about it more but before that, let’s discuss some important facts related to diabetes.

causes-of-diabetesDiabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is a chronic disease that is affecting millions of people around the world. Diabetes is often referred as ‘diabetes mellitus’ by doctors in which person has high blood sugar level either due to inadequate insulin production or body cells do not respond properly to the insulin or both. Diabetes is a long-term condition that has a number of other health effects on the body. Having diabetes also increases the risk of occurring high blood pressure or heart problems.

Well, fortunately, Ayurveda is here for you. Ayurveda can easily manage the high blood sugar level in your body and the big news is that it will not cause any side effects. BGR-34 is one of the effective ayurvedic anti-diabetic medicines that can safely cure diabetes. How? Let’s find out.

BGR-34 for Diabetes

bgrBGR-34 tablet contains aqueous extracts or powder of medicinal plants which are already used in Ayurveda for diabetes treatment. Now, these ingredients are combined and clinically approved for controlling high blood sugar level in the body.

  • The name of BGR-34 stands for-

B- Blood, G- Glucose, R- Regulator and 34 indicate the presence of 34 active constituents in BGR.

BGR-34 is prepared of several natural herbs that are effective in controlling the high blood sugar level in the body. The main ingredient of BGR-34 is daruhaldi (berberies aristata) which acts as a blood glucose regulator and stimulating insulin secretive. Other natural ingredients used in the preparation of BGR-34 are giloy, shuddha shilajit, fenugreek, gudmar, vijaysar and manjista. These natural ingredients are really effective in curing the symptoms and diabetes as well as control the high blood sugar level in the body.

ingredients4On the basis of these natural ingredients, BGR-34 poses several medicinal properties such as anti-diabetic, antioxidant, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial and carminative properties. These medicinal properties help to regulate the homeostasis of glucose, make insulin from proinsulin and help to reduce the HbA1C levels in the blood. BGR-34 helps in the management of diabetes by improving the pancreas function, protecting from free radicals as well as from the oxidative damage to the cells. Let’s see the health benefits of the natural ingredients used in the preparation of BGR-34 for diabetes treatment.


daruhaldi-bIt contains phytochemicals like berberine, brebamine and palamatine. The extracts of daruhaldi help to lower the blood glucose level in the blood significantly inducing anti-hyperglycemic effects.  It also decreases the activities of GLUCOSE-6-PHOSPHATASE. All these activities play a major role in controlling the high blood sugar level in the body.


gudmarThis natural ingredient is widely used for its anti-diabetic action. It has potent hypoglycemic properties which enhance the insulin secretion from the pancreas. It is also effective for obesity and help in losing weight. It improves lipid metabolism and decreases the accumulation of fatty acids. It also exerts cardioprotective action in the body. Gudmar helps to increase the serum level of insulin.


help-control-acne-with-fenugreekFenugreek seeds are famous worldwide for diabetes control. It has powerful anti-inflammatory action, good anti-hyperglycemic action and stimulant action on the pancreas. Thus, it is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, arthritis and abnormal lipid profile. Fenugreek also decreases the fasting blood glucose likely to work on insulin resistance.

These health benefits of BGR-34 are enough to make you show that this is the perfect ayurvedic treatment for diabetes. This ayurvedic medicine will safely cure the diabetes symptoms and also control the high blood sugar level in the body. The recommended dosage of this ayurvedic medicine is 1-2 tablets once or twice a day or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor.

Now, cure your disease and live a healthy life with Ayurveda.


Can Ayurvedic Ekangvir Ras really cure Paralysis?

Do you know we are breathing in the world where a lot of diseases and viruses can attack you at any time? Yes, today’s lifestyle and diet are the main causes of increasing the number of diseases. Diseases mean ‘lack of comfort’. There is thousands type of diseases occurring in specific organs. Today, we are going to talk about a common health issue named as paralysis. Along with the health issue, we will also tell you the best treatment for it.

What is Paralysis?

paralysisParalysis is the loss of muscle functions in part of your body. It occurs when something goes wrong with the way of passing messages between your brain and muscles. Paralysis can be partial or complete and temporary or permanent. It can occur on one or both sides of your body.  Paralysis can affect your any body’s parts at any time in your life. Most of the paralysis is due to stroke or injuries such as spinal cord injuries or broken neck. If you ever experience paralysis, you will feel a loss in the specific or widespread area of your body. Paralysis makes it difficult for you to control muscles in the affected body parts. The treatment of this health issue depends on the symptoms or other associated complaints.

Ekangvir Ras for Paralysis

ekangaveer-rasrasayanIn an alternative system of medicines, Ayurveda is the best option to cure paralysis.  Today, we are going to tell you an effective ayurvedic medicine that can cure this health issue. Ekangvir Ras is the most beneficial ayurvedic medicine that is widely used in the treatment of paralysis. It is a herbomineral ayurvedic medicine containing several natural ingredients such as red sulphide of mercury, purified sulphur, lauha bhasma (oxide of iron), vang bhasma (oxide of tin), Nag bhasma (oxide of lead) and abhrak bhasma (oxide of mica). It is processed in juices of formulated herbal ingredients.

Ekangvir Ras is used in the treatment of paralysis, facial palsy, sciatica, hemiplegia, cervical spondylosis, Brachial neuralgia and other neuromuscular conditions. It is indicated in vataja grudhrasi and Parkinson’s disease. It helps to balance the vata disorders in your body. Ekangvir Ras helps in the proper functioning of brain and nerve systems. Let’s see how the natural ingredients present in Ekangvir Ras help to cure the paralysis. All these ingredients have some unique abilities to cure the paralysis and enhance your health. The powerful medicinal properties of these natural herbs make Ekangvir Ras a powerful ayurvedic remedy for paralysis and other nerve health issues.

ekangaveer-rasIf you are going to try this ayurvedic medicine, you need to consult an ayurvedic doctor first. The recommended dosage of Ekangvir Ras for paralysis is 125-375 mg once or twice a day before or after food is directed by an Ayurvedic doctor. It is traditionally administered along with fresh ginger juice extract and water. This medicine is not suitable for children and pregnant women. For more information, it is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

If you are skeptical about this ayurvedic medicine, let me tell you guys, Ayurveda is the best treatment option for any health issues. It is one of the safest, effective and ancient treatment options. It has been still practicing in many parts of the world. Ayurveda has a cure from mild to severe health issues. It is a natural treatment option that was used by our ancestors. It is a science of healing and living. You can cure your health issues effectively from its roots with the help of Ayurveda. It will help to improve your overall health and boost your immune system.

stroke-paralysis-ayurvedic-herbal-treatmentSo, if you are suffering from any type of nerve related issues or paralysis, you need to try ayurvedic treatment. Ekangvir Ras for paralysis treatment is the best option. It is safe as well as effective enough to cure paralysis. Along with this, it makes you strong from inside. It helps to boost your immune system that prevents the attack of a number of diseases and viruses. So, if you want to be healthy and diseases free, switch to Ayurveda. Stop relying on antivirals or antibiotics that are not the permanent cure for any health issues. Give a try to ayurvedic medicine and it will give you amazing results.


Heath benefits of Medohar Guggulu

medohar-gugguluHave you ever heard of medohar guggulu for treating a variety of health issues? No, this is not a traditional antiviral. It is actually an ayurvedic medicine that is widely used in the Ayurveda for various healing and medicinal purposes. Are you skeptical of using Ayurvedic medicines? Well, after reading this article, you will get the reasons why you should try medohar guggulu for getting maximum health benefits.

Health Benefits of Medohar Guggulu

ayurvedamedohar guggulu is a natural herb and also a precious gift of Ayurveda. It is widely used for the various health purposes but mainly used for the treatment of obesity. Obesity is one of the common health issues of these days. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle are the main causes of the obesity. Obesity can make you self-conscious and it is also dangerous for your health. It can increase the risk of high blood pressure problem, high cholesterol problem and even heart attacks. So, it is really necessary to maintain a healthy weight.

medohar-gugguluMedohar guggulu is the perfect remedy for weight loss and it will not give you any side effects as the market weight loss products give. It is an anti-obesity herbal medicine used in Ayurveda. It helps to stimulate fat metabolism and burns the excess fat. It helps in the adequate use of the fats in your body by burning it off. Health benefits of medohar guggulu are enormous. It is a unique preparation that works on metabolism and naturally burns fats. However, it is commonly formulated obesity but it also works for associated diseases such as diabetes, knee pain, fatty liver, high cholesterol level, breathing troubles and belly fat.

medoharIt works in all other KAPHA symptoms associated with these diseases such as lethargies or laziness, loss of energy, feeling of heaviness in the body, abdominal heaviness after meal, inactiveness, congestion, passive depression and excessive sleep. In some people, medohar guggulu can work alone. It works best in reducing the belly fat and hip fat. Well, you can also add the other remedy for fast results such as triphala guggulu, vrikshamla and pushkarmool. This combination will speed up the shedding off the fat and works on you overall body.

Some people experience an increase in appetite but you should not stop taking this medicine as your body is correcting the metabolism and it will reduce after few days itself. The actions and mechanisms of medohar guggulu actually depend on the guggulu. Guggulu is a really effective herb that is used in various health treatment. Guggulsterone present in guggulu is responsible for its weight reduction properly. Guggulu increases the lipid’s metabolism. It may also induce the natural cellular death of adipose cells. It will inhibit the production of new fat cells and act on the thyroid glands and stimulate thyroid functions. In all these ways, guggulu helps in improving the metabolism in the body.

ayurvedic-decoctionsAll other ingredients in medohar guggulu are also equally beneficial in reducing the excess fat from your body. Health benefits of medohar guggulu include the treatment of fatty liver. It is really helpful for the people with fatty liver syndrome. It reduces the excess fat from the liver and corrects the liver functions. In many cases, fatty liver syndrome has a link with obesity, so it works in both obesity and fatty liver treatment.

The minimum dosage of medohar guggulu is 1 gram twice or thrice daily. If you take the dosage less than 1 gram, it will be ineffective. Along with this medicine, you need to drink enough water and eat a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight. It is common that ayurvedic medicines will take some time to show the results but they are not harmful to your health. They will cure the problem to its root, not only suppress the problem or illness for some time. Now, you have understood the health benefits of medohar guggulu for your body.

Medohar guggulu is a really beneficial herb that is side effects free. Getting a slim-fit body is the dream of every obese person. You can make this dream true with the help of this ayurvedic medicine. Regular use of this medicine will give you a healthy weight as well as make you healthy. You can easily buy this medicine from



All the health benefits of pumpkin seeds

If you are searching for some nutritious and healthy food, pumpkin seeds are the best option for you. Pumpkin seeds may be small in size but they are packed with huge valuable nutrients. Eating only a small amount of pumpkin seeds can provide you the substantial health benefits. Do you want to know all the health benefits of pumpkin seeds? If yes, you come to the right place.This article will give you a brief description of all health benefits of pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds can be the healthy snacks in your children’s lunchbox and in your family’s diet. Nuts and seeds are always the best source of vitamins and proteins as well as they are highly beneficial in supporting the short and long-term health issues. One of the mazing news is that pumpkin seeds are the only seeds that are alkaline-forming in the world of highly acidic diets that is a really good news for you. Pumpkin seeds have a number of health benefits that you do not know about yet.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

With a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium, copper, zinc, protein to manganese, pumpkin seeds are the powerhouse of nutrients. The good news is that pumpkin seeds are highly portable and do not require refrigerator which makes them an excellent snack to keep with you wherever you go. The most common health benefits of pumpkin seeds are-:

Magnesium for the heart -:

heart-systemPumpkin seeds are one of the best natural sources of magnesium.One-quarter of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium. Magnesium is important for a healthy heart, pumping of your heart, proper bone and tooth formation, relaxation of our blood vessels and proper bowel function. Magnesium in pumpkin seeds also prevents the sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke.

Zinc for the immune system -:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc which is important for the body in many ways including immunity, cell growth, division, sleep, mood, eyes, skin health and male sexual function.A number of people have a deficiency of zinc due to drug effects, plant-based diets and other diets high in grains. This deficiency can cause fatigue, acne, cold, flu and low birth weight babies. Eating pumpkin seeds on regular basis can help to overcome the deficiency of zinc in your body.

Lower blood sugar levels-:

diabetesHigh blood sugar level can cause a number of health problems for you. Pumpkin juice and pumpkin seeds can reduce the high blood sugar level. This is especially beneficial for people with diabetes. The high magnesium content of pumpkin seeds may be responsible for its positive effect on diabetes.

Improves prostate and bladder health -:

Pumpkin seeds help to relieve the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is a condition in which prostate gland enlarges and can cause problems with urination. Eating pumpkin seeds can reduce the symptoms associated with BPH. Several studies even found that eating pumpkin seeds or its supplements can treat the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Reduce the risk of cancer -:

cancerSeveral studies have found that diet rich in pumpkin seeds help in lowering the stomach, breast, lung and colon cancer. Lignans in pumpkin seeds may play a key role in the prevention as well as treatment of breast and prostate cancer.

High in antioxidants -:

The health benefits of pumpkin seeds lie due to the fact that they are rich in antioxidants.  Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin E. Antioxidants help to reduce the inflammation and protect your skin cells from the harmful free radicals. So, consuming foods rich in antioxidants such as pumpkin seeds can protect against many different diseases. The high level of antioxidants in pumpkin seeds help to maintain a healthy body.

High in fiber -:

pumpkin high fiberPumpkin seeds also high in fiber. The health benefits of pumpkin seeds help to maintain an adequate amount of fiber in your body. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of dietary fiber. Diets rich in fiber are associated with many health benefits including reduced risk of heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

These the most common health benefits of pumpkin seeds that help to maintain a healthy body. If you would like to experience these benefits. It is , to incorporate this to your diet.  You can add pumpkin seeds into your meals by sprinkling them into salads, soups or cereals. You can even use these seeds in baking or eat them raw or roasted. They will give you benefits in all manners. So, add this incredible seeds in your diet and get maximum health benefits.



How to use Epsom salt to treat hemorrhoids?

Do you know what a hemorrhoid is? If no, this article can help you in this and by this site, you can learn how to deal with this condition. Although you can gain knowledge about this condition through any site but this contains some amazing points to treat this condition which is lesser known. No, I am saying that the details which I am going to mention in this article are totally different from other sites. Well, what is I am going to tell you, for that you have to read on.

Hemorrhoids are swollen hemorrhoidsveins which are located around the anus or in the lower part of the rectum.  According to studies about 50 percent, adults experience its symptoms by the age of 50. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids develop within the anus or rectum. External hemorrhoids develop outside of the anus. This condition is also known as piles. It is said that external hemorrhoids are the most common and the most painful condition.

It is said that if you want to cure any kind of problem you have to know the exact cause of your condition. But in this condition, you can’t do this. Because the exact cause of this condition is unknown and even experts are not sure what causes hemorrhoids to develop but here are some factors which can be the reason behind this condition.

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Complications from chronic constipation
  • Sitting for a long period of time
  • A family history of this condition

Although it is quite difficult to judge about this disease but following symptoms can help you to know about this disease more closelyhemorrhoids symptoms cephalicvein

  • Itching
  • Muscle discharge
  • Burning at the anus
  • Severe pain
  • Bleeding without pain

I hope these points can help you to know about this condition. Do you know that how many people are suffering from this disease? It’s in the studies that almost 10.4 percent people are still suffering from this. This is the most uncomfortable and painful condition. To get rid of its pain you have to use something that can give relief. It is said that in this condition if you use anything natural, you can get relief faster than any medicine. Want to know about that ingredient which can cure this painful condition more quickly? That is Epsom salt.

epsom-salt-4Epsom salt for hemorrhoids is the best treatment option and by this, you will feel relieved. This salt is very effective which can cure not only this but also so many other diseases. After so many researchers it is proved that it can cure hemorrhoids too. How Epsom salt for hemorrhoids is beneficial you can see in next paragraph.

When ingested, Epsom salt will help you in detoxifying the body. The salt is commonly used to treat skin disorders normally. It is said that you have to treat the blood vessels that around the anus which causes pain, inflammation, and swelling. When the blood vessels burst, they can leave painful cuts. Epsom salt works by healing these cuts. Epsom salt also helps you to strain your rectum during constipation. You can get all of these benefits by ingesting or bathing with it.

You can use this salt to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women, elderly people, people with chronic constipation and diarrhea. If you face any condition of these, you take its benefits by drinking this magical solution and taking a bath with it. Here are some points that you can use when you take Epsom salt for hemorrhoids treatment.

epsom-salt-bathFill the clean bathtub with warm water, if you do not have a bath tub, you can use normal tub or basin.  If you are using a bathtub, 5-6 inches of water is enough. According to studies, you have to take Epsom salt in an accurate amount and that you can see on the packet of Epsom salt. Gently mix the salt in the water until it dissolves completely. After salt dissolves, you have to sit in this water for 20 minutes. Remember, your rectal area should remain submerged in the salt solution. If you use basic, you just have to put your rectum area in the basin.

Epsom salt for hemorrhoids is one of the best treatment options by which you can cure this condition very effectively. This is a natural ingredient so the chances of getting side effects are low. So try to use this salt so that you can only get positive results and not the side effects.



A few exercises for shoulder bursitis

Shoulder joints have the greatest range of the motions in the human body. Being the most used joint, our shoulders are more prone to several problems. Some of them may arise due to direct injury from an accident while other cause by posture problem. shoulder-bursitis-1

Shoulder bursitis is one of the common and painful conditions that affect people of all ages. This condition generally affects the people who have weak muscles. In most of the cases, bursitis of the shoulder caused by the performing repetitive movements for an extended period of time such as arm twisting, throwing a baseball, playing tennis, painting, scrubbing and carpentry etc. The risk of developing bursitis increases with ages, as joint components such as bursa, tend to get older as you get older. The most common symptoms of shoulder bursitis are a pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, limited range of motions, crunching and popping during the movements.

The good thing is that you can get rid of this problem with the help of some effective treatments. There are some exercises for shoulder bursitis which can give you relief in pain and other symptoms of bursitis. We are going to tell you some effective exercises for shoulder bursitis which will definitely help you in your problem. floor-slide

1.Floor slide -: This is the simplest exercise for shoulder bursitis. You just need to lie on your back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms stretched out on either side. After this, bend your elbow to 90 degrees, so that the fingers are pointed up. Keeping the shoulder blades passed to the ground; slowly slide your arms over the head till they are completely extended. After then bring down slowly and repeat this at least 10-12 times for good results. shoulder

2. Stretching shoulder exercise -: This is another exercise for shoulder bursitis. Hold the elbow of your injured arm with your other hand. Use your hand to pull your injured arm gently up and across your body. You will feel a gentle stretch across the back of your injured shoulder. Hold for at least 15-30 minutes and then slowly lower your arm. You can repeat this exercise 2 to 4 times in a day.

3. Hand walk -: If you are suffering from a really severe pain, you can try this exercise for shoulder bursitis. From standing position, bend over from the waist and get into a push- up position, supporting your body on your palms, toes and back straight. Walk with toes towards hands and keep the knees straight. When you start feeling a stretch, walks hand back out. Repeat this process 8-10 times and you will better.

4. Shoulder shrug -: Shoulder shrug is also an effective exercise for bursitis treatment. You can try this exercise easily at home for getting quick relief. You need to stand with feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent, arms by your side and holding light weight. Keep your shoulder down then shrug your shoulder up as far as you can go and then release. Do this 10-12 times for getting better results. bent

5. Upright row -: In this exercise, you need to stand straight with knees slightly bent and a dumbbell in each hand, palms down in front of your thighs. Raise your both elbows till your arms parallel to the floor without twisting your wrists. Lower your arms to the starting position and do this 8-10 times. Keep your back straight throughout and restricts the motion of your arms and shoulders.

These exercises for bursitis are really effective in reducing your pain, swelling and inflammation in the shoulder. Mild shoulder bursitis can be easily treated with stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercise for shoulder bursitis will help in maintaining good mobility and stronger shoulders.