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10 Tips To Stay Healthy

 In today’s world, most of the people running all their resources for collecting money even their precious health. They always take their health for granted despite the knowing the fact that bad health may lead to the numerous problems. Yes, it is true that money is important for living a better lifestyles but this is not as essential as out health. The best thing you can do to your self is to be healthy. Here in this article I am going to share some secrets to stay healthy. Here are the ten most essential facts that you need to apply in your life to stay healthy.

drink water

  1. Drinking adequate amount of water

Do you think you are consuming enough amount of water every day? Yes? How much water you are taking in a day? Are you taking 3 to 5 ounce water a day? If yes, you should increase your water intake. Researchers recommend drinking at least 8 to 9 ounce water per day.


  1. Say bye-bye to sedentary lifestyle

lazyAn inactive life lifestyle may lead to numerous kinds of health issues and the condition of obesity is the very common outcome of sedentary having lifestyle. Being active is the best way to live a healthier lifestyle and also the best way to be healthy.

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  1. Give up on junk foods

Do you know the greatest enemy of your healthier life style is consuming numerous kinds of junk foods. They generally contain harmful and fatty things that promote life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. So, just stay a mile away from junk foods.

  1. Have a regular exercise

Benefits of regular exercise

Everyone knows how exercise promotes overall health but most of the patient doesn’t used to go for the exercise. Having exercise promotes good hormones that help to stay fit. So, you shouldn’t take exercise for granted.


  1. Green leafy vegetables

Consuming green leafy vegetables such as spinavegetables dietch, kale, collards, broccoli and cabbage can greatly influence your overall health as these green leafy vegetables holds numerous kinds of essential nutrients like vitamin A, C, K and a good amount of calcium. These leafy things also carry potassium and folate that can be used for getting a better health.


  1. Are you the person who smokes a lot? I

ino smokingf you are the one, you should instantly quit smoking habit as it slowly damages your overall health.




  1. illness and sicknessWe are living in a world where numerous kinds of illness reigning on our lives. So, it very important for every person to protect from these kinds of illnesses.

8.Quit alcohol use

quit alcoholAlcohol badly influences your internal organs as well as mental condition too. Always remembers heavy alcohol consumption can influence life-threatening illnesses. So, if you don’t want to have those illnesses consume mild quantity.

adequate sleep


  1. adequate sleep

A Taking adequate sleep can also promotes your overall health compare to person who doesn’t. Experts generally recommend 8 hours of sleep daily.

  1. Safe sex

safe sex Having a safe sex is also a part of being healthy. If you’re not going for protected sex then there is a huge chance of getting infected from any kinds of infection including HIV.

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